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For those who enjoy the thrill of a time crunch or managing a logical puzzle, TapTomic has just the game for you. Park Rush is a time-management game that puts the player in the shoes of a parking lot operator. The player must park cars according to how long customer's plan to stay so they can quickly and efficiently be retrieved. The more efficient you are, the more points you get, and the more challenging your game will progressively become!


Equipped with a simple “screen-tap” interface, Park Rush is as simple as the tap of a finger. Simply tap your finger on a car to activate it and tap the spot you would like to park it in to drive it there. Reverse this method to retrieve vehicles for customers and carefully manage your spaces to keep your customers happy!


With increasingly difficult levels and new challenges to face on each new difficulty setting, you are sure to find hours and hours of great fun with the time-managing challenge of Park Rush!

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